Introduction to IV Hydration Therapy

Whether you’ve just woken up from a long night with your friends, or you’re trying to get a leg up on your wellness routine, one of the fastest and most efficient ways to get your body the vitamins, minerals, and fluids it needs is through IV Hydration Therapy. At Elite Medicine in Cincinnati, so many of our patients have gotten that boost they require with a simple 30-45 min intravenous hydration. No more feeling that lagging sensation, instead, feel that quick boost that our IV options can give you and get you back on track.

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What Is IV Hydration Therapy?

IV Hydration Therapy is a simple treatment created to deliver fluids directly into your bloodstream through a small IV inserted into your arm. These fluids usually include vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, and even certain medications, creating a “cocktail” of sorts. Since the fluids are injected intravenously, they can circulate quickly through your body, rapidly replenishing your body with fluids in a way that drinking just won’t cut it.

IV Hydration Therapy Options Offered

Anti-aging – $315
Sometimes nicknamed “The Fountain of Youth”, a great way to help improve joint function, aiding the body’s natural detoxification system, and regenerating injured cells.
Ingredients include: NAD+, Glutathione, Magnesium Chloride, B1, B3, B2, B5, L-Taurine

Beauty Glow – $255
Promotes healthy-looking skin by detoxifying and cleansing your body of any toxins and impurities.
Ingredients include: Biotin, Glutathione, Ascorbic Acid, B1, B3, B2,B5, B6, B12

Energy Boost – $265
Used to combat the symptoms of fatigue and low energy, as well as enhance mental clarity and overall performance.
Ingredients include: B12, L-Taurine, L-Carnitine, Ascorbic Acid, MICC IM

Immunity Boost – $235
Great way to give your immune system additional support and help prevent illness. Perfect for any time of year!
Ingredients include: Ascorbic Acid, B1, B3, B2, B5, B12, Magnesium Chloride, Zinc and Glutathione

Migraine/Nausea – $195
Rehydrates your body by restoring the levels of electrolytes and vitamins while simultaneously flushing out the damaging free radicals that are often contributing to symptoms.
Ingredients include: Magnesium Chloride, Toradol, Benadryl, Zofran, and B12

What are the benefits of IV Hydration Therapy?

Due to the various “cocktails” that are available, IV Hydration can help you in so many areas. Some of the more popular uses for IV Hydration can help with the following symptoms:

The benefits of using hyaluronic acid fillers include:

  • Athletic Performance & Recovery
  • Cold & Flu
  • Dehydration
  • Hangovers
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Muscle Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Pregnancy & Fertility
  • Weight Loss Support

At Elite Medicine, we believe that anybody can be a great candidate for IV Hydration Therapy in Cincinnati! Although In general, IV therapy is a good option for those who have a nutritional deficiency or people who have medical conditions that make it difficult to get their daily nutrients through their diet. This treatment can be incredibly beneficial for supporting good health, correcting certain deficiencies, and preventing other health conditions. You are likely a good candidate if you have conditions such as:

  • Bacterial or viral illnesses
  • Migraine
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Muscle spasms
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Immune disorders
  • Nutritional deficiencies

Who are the Best Candidates for IV Hydration Therapy?

What’s the First Step?

The first step to getting IV Hydration Therapy in Cincinnati is to contact our clinic and schedule an appointment. When you arrive, you will be able to discuss with the Technician what you are trying to improve and they will be able to suggest the best IV Hydration Therapy cocktails for you. They will also be able to answer any questions you may have and give you an accurate cost for the treatment.

What to Expect on the Day of IV Hydration Therapy

This treatment works by creating a saline-based IV cocktail of vitamins and minerals, which will be administered via an IV drip that can take 30 to 60 minutes to complete. The IV will be inserted into the back of your hand or your elbow, where the IV Hydration Therapy cocktail will enter your bloodstream directly. By bypassing your digestive tract, you will be able to absorb nutrients more effectively and enjoy better results.

IV Hydration Therapy Recovery

Most of our patients can enjoy the results of this treatment within a few hours or days, depending on which vitamins and minerals are used for your IV Hydration Therapy. When you feel instant results, this can be contributed to the saline solution that makes the base of your therapy. Since most people are more dehydrated than they realize, the saline will instantly hydrate your body and perk you up.

After a few days, you will begin to notice the results of your body absorbing the vitamins and minerals in your IV treatment. Once these nutrients are in your bloodstream, your blood distributes them to other areas of your body, which will then support other bodily processes.

You can expect to feel the results of your IV Hydration Therapy for about two to three weeks. These effects are only temporary because your body will use all the nutrients and minerals to meet the needs of your body. Once they have been used up, your body will need those resources restored.

How Much Does IV Hydration Therapy Cost in Cincinnati?

The cost of IV Hydration Therapy in Cincinnati will vary on multiple factors. The prices will vary depending on what sort of treatment you are looking for. When you come in for your consultation, you will be given suggestions on the best IV Hydration Therapy cocktail for you, and be informed of the price for that particular treatment.

Why Choose Us?

First and foremost, we are dedicated to your health and safety. Our team of certified technicians will give you a thorough health assessment, find the IV Hydration Therapy package that is best for your needs, and monitor your progress throughout the infusion process. Elite Medicine is led by Dr. Shelli Ridge, an Osteopathician with a passion for people and an expertise in women’s health, chronic disease management, osteopathic manipulation, pediatrics, and immunizations. Dr. Ridge strongly believes in maintaining a personal and professional relationship with each one of her patients. When you choose to come into our boutique in the Cincinnati area for your hydration needs, you will be both safe and comfortable from start to finish, feeling even better than you did before!

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